Times Developments Starts Construction of New Project with EGP 5 Bn

What is real estate development?

Real estate development encompasses a wide range of activities in the real estate sector, including buying, selling, construction, and renovation.

Real estate development includes a wide range of commercial activities in the real estate sector, as it includes many operations such as buying, selling, construction, and renovation. A real estate developer has the ability to turn ideas into reality through his investment in land, organizing project financing, managing construction operations including contracting with engineers and workers, and negotiating real estate deals. Hence, a real estate developer can build residential homes or commercial buildings, or even renovate existing properties and resell them at profitable prices. 

The scope of real estate development work includes many activities and strategies aimed at improving and developing real estate and investing in it effectively.

What is real estate investment? 

Real estate investment is one of the most successful ways to use money profitably, as it involves purchasing buildings or apartments with the aim of reselling them in the future at a higher price to make a profit. This investment provides a stable financial return to the investor, making it an attractive opportunity to achieve significant financial gains. In addition, a real estate investor can sell real estate for other commercial purposes, not just for residence.

The difference between real estate development and real estate investment lies in the approach and goals. Real estate development is about converting properties to improve or change their use and includes processes such as construction and renovation. Real estate investment focuses on purchasing real estate with the main goal of profiting from selling or investing it to achieve permanent returns.

What are the tasks of real estate development companies? 

Choosing a project location:

Evaluate suitable locations for the project based on factors such as infrastructure, facilities, and strategic location.

Obtaining project licenses:

Completing the necessary legal and regulatory procedures to obtain building permits from competent government agencies.

Real estate financing:

Develop financial plans to determine the necessary funding sources for the project, including self-financing, bank financing, and attracting investors.

Project implementation:

Carrying out all building and construction works and equipment necessary to fully implement the project in accordance with the specified specifications.


Marketing the project effectively to attract potential customers and investors, through multi-channel advertising and marketing campaigns.

Delivery of real estate units:

Delivering real estate units to customers after completing the construction of the project, ensuring that they comply with the required specifications and designs.

What are the positive points of real estate development?

There are many strategies that can be used to benefit from real estate development effectively, and among these strategies are:

Market and demand analysis: Before embarking on any real estate development project, a careful study of the market and demand analysis must be conducted. Understanding market needs and trends helps in making the right decisions regarding the type and location of the project.

Choose the location carefully: Choosing the location is considered one of the most important factors that affect the success of the real estate project. You should choose a prime location that meets the needs of potential customers, has easy access, and is close to basic facilities.

Diversification in investments: The maximum benefit from real estate development can be achieved through diversification in the investment group. For example, investment can be made in residential, commercial, or even land development projects.

Developing neglected properties: Market opportunities can be exploited by developing neglected or underutilized properties. This may include redesigning and renovating old buildings or using empty land to build new projects.

Innovation and excellence: It is possible to excel in the real estate development market through innovation and by providing unique and distinctive offers. Modern design elements, smart technology, and luxury facilities can be included to make projects attractive to customers.

Investing in long-term projects: The greatest financial return can be achieved by investing in projects of a long-term nature, such as residential complexes or commercial complexes that return a continuous return in the long term.

Taking advantage of modern technologies: Modern technology such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality can be used in marketing and project management processes to enhance efficiency and improve customer experience.

By using these strategies in an integrated and thoughtful manner, investors and real estate development companies can achieve success and achieve profitable financial returns by making the most of real estate development opportunities.

Advantages and Achievements of Times Real Estate Development Company

 With a strategic vision aimed at building integrated and sustainable urban communities that meet the needs and aspirations of residents and investors. It puts innovation, quality, and sustainability at the heart of every project it undertakes, whether it is residential housing, commercial projects, or real estate land development.

Times Real Estate Development Company is considered a pioneer in the field of development and is an ideal choice for everyone looking for quality, credibility, and excellence in the world of real estate development. With its ambitious future aspirations and innovative strategies, it continues to build a bright and prosperous future for the communities in which it serves and operates.

The most important projects of Times Real Estate Development Company:

Aster Residential Project is characterized by creativity and excellence in project design and is characterized by modern and distinguished architecture in addition to the commercial and administrative complex

The T-Hub project is a mixed-use mall located in the heart of everything, and T-Hub includes ideal places for business and entertainment facilities.

The Aveline project, characterized by open views and exceptional landscape features, is a complete residential and commercial complex that brings together multiple elements of life within one destination.