Times Developments Starts Construction of New Project with EGP 5 Bn

Aster's phase 1 signing agreement between Times Developments and Chaddad Group

Within the framework of Times Developments Company's plan to provide distinguished real estate products that are capable of competing locally and regionally.

Within the framework of Times Developments Company's plan to provide distinguished real estate products that are capable of competing locally and regionally, the company announced the signing of a partnership contract with Chaddad Group Company, which is one of the largest Lebanese companies specialized in the field of construction and construction of huge real estate projects in many countries in the Middle East and Europe, This is to start the concrete works for the first phase of the Aster project, which is being developed by Times in the Golden Square in New Cairo, which is built on an area of 35 acres in one of the most vital areas in New Cairo. Times Developments, through its partnership with Chaddad Company, seeks to accelerate the pace of construction work. With the "Aster" project to adhere to the agreed timetable for the completion of the first phase works on the specified date, relying on the great expertise that Shaddad Contracting Company possesses and to implement the project with the highest level of quality and efficiency, especially since the project is one of the most important projects in New Cairo due to its strategic location.

Eng. Rami Atallah, Project Manager of Times Developments, confirmed that the project is an integrated residential project located in the most exclusive places in New Cairo on an area of 35 acres, with a total investment exceeding 3 billion pounds, with a number of new and unique services in this attractive area through an integrated vision and strategy through which we aim to expand the size of the project. The company's business and strengthening its presence in the Egyptian real estate market during the coming period to provide added value to the Egyptian real estate market, and put forward a new vision in the world of real estate development based on sustainability in addition to various new designs based on luxury and luxury, and we pumped 250 million pounds as a first stage in the work of concrete structures to accelerate the pace Work, and the new project is part of a series of projects that the company intends to launch next year in New Cairo, where the company has begun to make a series of contracts with major consulting offices in Egypt and the Middle East in order to implement the company's vision in developing designs with different ideas that are in line with what it plans to meet the demands of customers.

Engineer Rami Atallah, project manager of Times Developments, added that it is one of the companies that always strives to provide a good and distinguished product to gain the customer’s trust, which is what made us contract with Chaddad Group Company, which is one of the largest contracting companies in the Middle East, and has a variety of experiences to work in the Arab market. And the visions agreed between us on one goal, which is to provide a distinguished product that suits the needs of customers, and the choice of assigning contracting works in the “Aster” project to Shaddad Group Contracting Company came in line with the criteria set by Times Development Company in selecting contracting companies, the most important of which is the company’s experience, its previous work, and ensuring the implementation of the project In accordance with international standards with its commitment to the implementation schedule and customer delivery dates, because we offer an integrated project through which we offer a distinguished experience in New Cairo, and the project is a residential project with a building percentage of about 15% of the total area, in addition to the presence of a club house and a distinct commercial area to serve the project, and we are committed to all With the standards of sustainability and growing development, and the new project includes residential units of various sizes and administrative and commercial units of different sizes that suit everyone in terms of designs and prices, in addition to that we have started a series of distinguished contracts with a number of major companies that will be announced during the next few days, there are many other works that It will be implemented during the coming period and will be announced in due time, especially since the company is striving to expand its projects in the coming period

In the end, I express my great happiness in signing contracts with Shaddad Group Contracting Company, because our company believes in the necessity of cooperation with large entities, especially since the real estate market is experiencing an accelerated state of developments and great competition between companies, which prompted us to think outside the box, relying on many different visions to reach The company aspires to sign contracts with success partners who have a new vision to provide great added value to the Aster project, stressing that the previous work of the Chaddad Group Company is honorable and distinguished as it is a pioneering Lebanese company, founded in 1971 by Saeed Shaddad, which built a great name for it through what it owns From a proven track record in contracting works for many projects in Europe and the Middle East, handling each project with the latest innovative technologies and experienced management. Starting with general contracting and construction management as a main focus, the company quickly expanded to include a range of different services ranging from real estate development, engineering, general contracting, equipment trade and ready-made factories. Provide an outstanding product.

On the other hand, Patrick Chaddad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shaddad Contracting Company, expressed his great happiness in cooperation with Times Developments.